It’s time to
meal prep.

It’s time to
meal prep.

The easiest way to eat healthy without having to sacrifice flavor.


Things that make us smiley.

And will do the same for you.

Healthy food, made delicious.

Instead of drowning ingredients in butter and unhealthy stuff, we blend unique flavors using herbs and aromatics.

Food you’ll feel great about.

Meals are well-portioned to fill you up and provide the energy you need, without leaving you feeling sluggish.

A convenient experience.

No subscription required, no salespeople to bug you. Ordering is simple, and delivery is on your schedule.

Affordable meals on any budget.

Meals range between $10-$13, making it accessible and affordable for anyone to order lunch and dinner.

Meal Planning. But actually 

And for a limited time, orders over $50 get free delivery.

Select Your Meals

Select from a range of single or family-style portions.

Create Your Account

Signing up is easy, and you get free delivery with orders over $50.

Receive Delivery

We deliver on Sundays and Wednesdays, so you always have a healthy meal on hand.

More than meal planning, it’s about making it easy to get a healthy meal you’ll actually enjoy.

– Nedal Ahmad, Founder of getReal

Our to you.

Florida Farm-to-Table

We are committed to sourcing fresh, peak-season produce from a select group of Florida farms. Local farms will get first dibs.

Peak-Seasonal Menu

Fruits and veggies taste better in-peak season, our menu adapts as the seasons change.


Plants are incorporated into every dish, including in the seasoning and sauces for the protein.


We make our own veggie broth and veggie stock using our plants from stem to root.

Fresh from Florida

Our homemade mojo is made using hand-squeezed Florida citrus–oranges, limes, and lemons. It’s hard work, but the juice is worth the squeeze.


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Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
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